Course introduction

module 1
week 1
Introduction to Data Processing and Visualization in R

Jeff Stevens


January 23, 2023

Our first lesson will introduce the course to you and get you started using R. If you’ve used R before, some of this may be review. But I bet everyone learns something new!

Learning objectives

  • Install R and RStudio on your local computer
  • Learn how to install, uninstall, load, and unload packages
  • Understand the tidyverse philosophy
  • Build a mental model of R
  • Code in the console

Pre-meeting: Getting started

To prepare for the course, please do the following:

Class meeting

[Slides] [Code]

  • Review syllabus
  • Mental model of R
  • Base R vs. tidyverse
  • Slides and Code

Homework after the class meeting

Wrap up this lesson

For next class meeting