Data Processing and Visualization in R

Jeff Stevens (he/him)


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Course goal

Source: Allison Horst

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Course structure and materials

  • Before class: Readings and presentations

  • During class: Coding

  • After class: Exercises

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  • CReativity

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Diversity, inclusion, wellness

Source: Allison Horst


Questions about R or the course?

R Introduction


  • All code is in monospace font text

  • R functions end with parentheses: function()

  • Directory names end with slash: home/

  • Package names are surrounded by curly braces: {tidyverse}

  • Keyboard buttons separate keys with a plus: Ctrl+S

  • These are parentheses (), brackets [], and braces {}

  • Links are in light blue text

Mental model of R

Base R vs. tidyverse

Let’s code!

Introduction coding [Rmd file]