Literate programming

module 1
week 2
R Markdown
Combining text, data, and code in R Markdown

Jeff Stevens


February 1, 2023

Literate programming involves embedding all of the code used to generate statistics and figures into the documents used to present them. We will learn how to use R Markdown to embed data and code into our documents.

Learning objectives

  • Distinguish between plaintext and binary file types
  • Create and work with R scripts
  • Learn basic Markdown syntax
  • Create new R Markdown documents
  • Insert R code into R Markdown documents both inline and as code chunks


To prepare for this class meeting, please do the following:

Class meeting

  • File types
  • Interacting with R
  • Writing scripts
  • Literate programming
  • Markdown
  • R Markdown
  • Slides and Code

Homework after the class meeting

Wrap up this lesson

For next class meeting